A Hammer or a Shoe?

I was putting away towels in our bathroom the other day and noticed the bottom of one of the trim boards was sticking out a bit. On closer inspection the issue was a nail that was about halfway out.

I was in a hurry and the thought of going downstairs to get a hammer then being careful and making sure I didn’t hit the nail hard enough to mark the wood just sounded like too much trouble. So I whipped off my shoe and gave the nail a couple quick whacks and it was done; simple, quick and easy.
There are many things in our life like that nail. They are there and need to be handled. We can over-plan and over-think these things or we can just do them. Yes, I know there are things that require a little planning or the right tool; but not everything and not every time.
Action: Review your to-do list and see if you can knock off a few items simply by allowing yourself to do thinks more simply.