Do you know?

Today’s Tidbit is provided by Lori Saitz of Zen Rabbit Bakery

How many times have you answered a serious or probing question with the phrase “I don’t know?” Often people respond with “I don’t know” because they haven’t really given consideration to the question or they don’t want to “go there” and examine what their true answer would be.

Any time I’ve been in this kind of conversation with my friend Janine, she always follows up with, “well, what if you DID know?” Grrrr! Now I have to dig deeper. The truth of the matter is, at some level, conscious or not, you DO always know. And when you have someone like Janine who pushes you to pay closer attention (most people won’t do this on their own), the real answer comes out.

Who is the Janine in your life? And when was the last time you talked to her? Or who needs you to reflect that question back to them?