The Brilliance of a Vacation


As the summer rolls along it seems like things get busier and busier. The time left to spend with my girls before they start school is drawing to a close. The time to plan and host fall events for my business is getting short. Things are exciting and fun but moving at break-neck speed and there is so much I want and need to do.

It’s easy to just work harder and faster, give up sleep and try to get more done. But the real solution may be to do something counter intuitive and take a vacation.
Today’s local paper, The Herald Palladium, has an article on vacations and the benefits to our health. It turns out that people who take vacations have less health problems and live longer than people who don’t. My experience has been that taking a vacation also clears our heads and helps us be more focused and more productive in our work.
Action: Take a look at your calendar and find time to relax, whether it’s a vacation, a stay-cation or a micro-vacation, carve out time to relax, de-stress, and have some fun!

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