Do you long for peace?


When I got up this morning the house was still; everyone was asleep and peace blanketed everything. I made a cup of tea then sat down and reveled in the stillness. I enjoyed the quiet, not having anyone asking anything of me, and not having to be anywhere or do anything. It was just lovely.

Then I thought about what it would really be like if this is the way I lived my life. I imagined how it would feel if this was my constant state, if I truly lived alone and had no responsibilities, no activities, no place to be and no one expected anything of me. The truth is that it would get old very quickly. I dream of time on my own because it’s a break from the everyday, an oasis in the midst of the craziness of life. But it’s not how I want to spend my entire life.

As you redesign your life be careful to focus on what you truly want and love and not just escaping the things that have been tiring or frustrating. You want to focus on your passions and your priorities.

Action: Make a list of your highest priorities, the things that mean the most to you. Then be sure that the activities on your calendar support those priorities.

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